You are my Sunday

You are my Sunday

Without fail, every Sunday at Juhu Beach, Arjun, Rashid, Dominic, Mehernosh, Jayesh play football. Not only do they love the sport, it’s cathartic, it makes them feel young and provides much-needed escapism from their otherwise chaotic lives. One Sunday they are joined by an old man who kicks the football into the face of a socialite politician, disrupting a press conference.

With the consequential ‘No Sport’ rule at Juhu Beach, the five friends must seek a new place to continue playing the game. But are inevitably being pushed further away from their beloved sport, friendship and their distant youth. Will the boys find respite, happiness, and a football pitch again? Join them in, You’re My Sunday.

Friday 17 March, 6pm


India, 2016, 119 minutes, Hindi with English subtitles, Cert: 18